Get Quick and Easy Technical Support for Pogo games won’t load issue

Here are quick and easy steps you can try to get Pogo games loading again. You don’t need to try below steps in a specific order, but we suggest trying to load a game again after each step let you know what step worked.

Step 1: Click Shift – Refresh

If you have already clicked on “Start Game” button and chosen a room and nothing happens, try holding your shift key while you refresh your page. Search for reload/refresh icon on browser (Generally it looks like ). By pressing shift and refresh key will force your browser to ignore its cache and use version of page from Pogo web server.

temporary file settings

Step 2: Clear your browser cookies and caches

Clear your browser cache and restart your browser by completely closing it and re-opening it from menu icon.

Clear cache for Java game

Clearing Java plug-in cache forces browser to load latest version of programs and web pages

Delete Temporary files through Java Control Panel

  • In Java Control Panel, General tab -> Settings ->Temporary Files Settings
  • Click Delete Files

Delete Files and Applications dialog box will appear. Click on OK.

delete files

Step 3: Try a different browser

Most popular internet browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and also there are many browsers can be found web.

If you are using IE and Java games won’t load, it is because the recent version of Java isn’t playing with IE. Pogo suggest you to use Firefox.

Windows 10 Google Chrome browsers will not allow Java games & can play in other java enabled browsers. You can contact pogo technical support number for assistance

If you have tried all above steps and still your game won’t load, you need to perform some in-depth tasks like updating Flash or Java version. Still problem is not fixed, no more worries, you can avail expert technical support. We fix these kinds of issues. Our technicians always try to provide best instant help so don’t waste your time and call us on our toll free number.